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Veggies in the front lawn? Flowers mixed with edibles? If you believe in challenging the “rules” of vegetable gardening, this site is for you.

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Accidental companion planting

Accidental companion planting

Two weeks ago, in a fit of spring fever, I started a couple dozen seedlings. Some kale. Basil. Two kinds of peppers. a couple paste tomatoes. And a half-dozen pots of nasturtium. Or, well, so I thought. Turns out I actually planted a dozen pots of nasturtium. I just... read more

Digging (and eating) sunchokes

What a strange spring we are having this year. First, it came on fast and strong. Along the front path, there are blooming daffodils and grape hyacinth. My plum tree is in full bloom, and the Virginia bluebells that grow beneath it have already begun to loosen their... read more

A return to the garden

So, it’s been a while. A bit more than a full year, in fact. I haven’t deliberately stayed away. It’s more a product of the whole only-so-many-hours-in-the-day thing. You see, right about the time when I posted my last blog post, I found out I was... read more

A New Spring and a New Look for Outlaw Garden.

March 20. Today is the day for two long-awaited arrivals. The first you surely know about — spring!! But the second may be a surprise — the relaunch of a fully redesigned Outlaw Garden! First, give yourself a big and happy pat on the back for making it through another... read more

A Seed-Swap Thank You!

Two hours. Dozens of gardeners. Hundreds of seed packets. Today’s seed swap was a success! Many many thanks to all of you who helped make the event everything it could be. Some of you helped distribute signs, set up the event, or clean up afterwards. Two local... read more

12 Weekend Projects for the Last Weekend of Winter

You guys! We’ve nearly made it. A week from today — Friday, March 20 — marks the first day of spring. That means this weekend is our last weekend of winter. Huzzah! To celebrate, I’ve rounded up 12 of my favorite projects and it’s-almost-spring... read more

March Thaws Bring Spring’s Wild Things

I took a walk through the woods today. There, in the shadow of bare tree branches, the earliest plants are beginning to reach toward the sky. No flowers yet. No swollen buds even. Not yet. But soon. The walk was just a chance to shake off some of winter’s... read more

Gardening is civil and social,

but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw.

— Henry David Thoreau

Explore Rule-Breaking Vegetable Gardens

Coming soon! This new feature will share real-world examples of rule-defying gardens in small towns, big cities, and wherever else gardeners are challenging the “rules” of vegetable gardening.

The Outlaw Garden

There’s nothing terribly special about the Outlaw Garden. My house is a typical suburban house in a typical suburban neighborhood. The soil isn’t great (compost helps), a big pine casts mid-day shade, and the gardener — that’s me! — makes more than her fair share of mistakes. If I can do it, so can you!

Click here to read more about the Outlaw Garden.

Is your garden rule-breaking?

Are you a status-quo-defying gardener? If you are growing your veggies in the front yard, landscaping with edibles, or otherwise cultivating a rule-breaking garden, I’d love to hear about it. Email me about your garden, and your garden may be featured in the Outlaw Garden blog! Thank you!

– Cristina


10 Rules for Breaking the Rules in Front Yard Vegetable Gardens


10 Rules for Breaking the Rules in Front Yard Vegetable Gardens

Feeling rebellious? This guide includes ten tips that will help you plant a front yard vegetable garden without upsetting the neighbors or worrying the HOA board. 

Welcome, rule-breaker! You're nearly done — just check your email for instructions on claiming your free guide. Then, get ready to break some rules in the vegetable garden!

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