‘Royal Burgundy’ bush bean, bloomin’ purple

‘Royal Burgundy’ bush bean, bloomin’ purple

Those folks who say vegetables aren’t pretty? Well, they’ve clearly never grown ‘Royal Burgundy’ bush beans.

just-opened flower on a 'Royal Burgundy' bush bean

'Royal Burgundy' bush bean

flower buds on a 'Royal Burgundy' bush bean

'Royal Burgundy' bush bean in bloom

Purple-podded beans should be making an appearance in about a week. Can’t wait!

What are your favorite bush beans for adding a pop of color to the garden? Click here to share your favorites in the comments section.


  1. My favorite are FAVA beans because they have pretty black and white flowers. I usually plant the seeds that my grandmother gave me between arugula because the beans grow straight up and are only about 30 cm (Um 12 inches for you I think). So the arugula makes the beans less unsightly when they are just starting and once they fill in arugula has a similar white flower which makes them look so pretty on top of protecting my bean shoots. I LOVE IT! Your blog is so inspiring I am having so much fun. You’ve inspired me to branch out and start planting veggies in front as well as the back. This year I planted Zucchini on the little hill in the front yard as well as cauliflower and brusselsprouts and I will be planting onion bulbs this fall for an early crop next year in front as well as in the back. Thanks!

    • Ooo… I love this tip. Thank you! I’ve never grown favas before. Any particular varieties that you’d recommend?

      And, I’m so glad you’re experimenting with front yard gardening! I should warn you: It’s addictive. ;)


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