brick path through front yard vegetable garden

The Outlaw Garden is a front yard vegetable garden in an HOA-controlled community that doesn't allow front yard vegetable gardens. Because, when it comes to choosing between homegrown tomatoes and following the rules, the choice is obvious: Break the rules.

Like the garden itself, I’m planning a soon-to-come expansion for the Outlaw Garden blog.

Because, really, springtime is generally a slow season for gardeners… What I really need now is a new project. Something to keep me busy, since the garden isn’t really demanding much time these days. </sarcasm>

I’ve got a couple ideas for expanding the blog, but I’m most excited about adding a resources section.

So… Information about growing crops (like that sweet potato post that so many people on Pinterest seem to like). Book and product reviews. Recommendations for seed catalogs and nurseries. And, since the whole idea here is to grow a vegetable garden even where we’re not supposed to be growing vegetable gardens, I’ll include some tips on disguising your edibles as ornamentals, and possibly some lists of easy-to-hide / damned-attractive veggies.

But, that’s just want I’m thinking.

What’s more important is this: What do YOU want?

Are you craving some killer book reviews? Yearning for lists of attractive and easy-to-hide veggies? Hungering for taste-bud-pleasing recipes for the harvest? Whatever it is, just let me know by leaving a comment below.


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