It’s finally here! My very first e-book for you rule-breaking gardeners!

Are you excited? I am. We’re talking dance-on-the-roof excited. I’m just so thrilled to be finally sharing this with you all. What’s even better is that this is just the first of an entire series of Outlaw Garden Grow-Your-Own Guides that I’ll be bringing your way. Each guide will include basic growing tips, as well as lots of rule-breaking ideas for incorporating your edibles in front yard gardens, flower beds, containers, and other not-the-norm places.

We’re starting with sweet potatoes — of course! — but future guides will explore tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, and much, much more. (Got a request? Send me an email:

So, without rambling on any more, check this out:

Outlaw Garden Grow-Your-Own Guide to Sweet Potatoes

Pretty great, right?

Ok, so maybe I’m a teensy bit more excited than the rest of y’all. I hope you’ll bear with me. It’s like I just adopted the goofiest puppy and the feistiest kitten at the same exact time — I just can’t resist sharing the awesomeness with y’all!

The whole guide runs 45 pages, and includes information about starting your own sweets from store-bought tubers, tending your home-started slips, nurturing your plants through the growing season, protecting them from hungry pests, harvesting them with care, and storing them through the winter. I’ve included a few suggestions for varieties and growers who offer sweets (including some organic growers), and a big FAQ section with answers to many of the more common questions that have been asked on the blog over the years.

Plus — of course! — you’ll also find suggestions for including sweet potatoes in your front yard and ornamental landscapes. Let’s break those rules and free the veggies from the backyard!

It’s a PDF (this is not a physical book — all digital for easy, quick access). Easy-peasy for anyone to read — it’ll work on computers, iPads and other mobile devices, and printed out. All the photos are full-color, and there are lots of links for more information online.

Want a copy? You can buy it here. Just $9.99.

I really hope y’all like the e-book. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments here, or via email: Thanks so much! And, good luck with your sweet potatoes!

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