Today, I’m sorting through my much-too-large collection of seeds, and am pulling out some packets of seeds to share at the Fauquier Seed Swap this weekend. If you’re close to Warrenton, Virginia, I hope to see you there!

But what about those of you — probably most of you — who don’t live close enough to join us in Warrenton this Saturday? This blog post is for you too:

How to Swap Seeds from Anywhere

We have our seed swap in Warrenton, and many other towns and cities host seed swaps of their own. But, what if you aren’t close enough to join in the fun? As usual, Google has the answer. Here are a few fantastic options for online seed swapping:

Seed Savers Exchange

This is my top recommendation if you’re looking for an amazing seed-swapping resource. The Seed Savers Exchange is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds (no hybrids!). They offer a commercial catalog, but the real value comes from their extensive seed exchange, which includes more than 12,000 varieties. The exchange allows gardeners to add their own seed listings and set their own price, and also to “shop” the listings of other gardeners. Must join to swap (and trust me, it’s worth it).

American Horticultural Society Seed Exchange

This is also a membership program. Members are entitled to five packets of seed for free, and then may “purchase” additional packets by donating $30 or more. Members who contribute seeds to the exchange get first dibs when placing orders.

Seed Swap Forums

Several websites offer forums where members can post the seeds they have, and request seeds of one another. This is the closest to a “true” seed swap online, but is a bit less organized than the above options. Here are a few I’ve found:

Host Your Own Seed Swap

Another option is to organize your own seed swap for your community, gardening club, school, or whatever organization you prefer. Next week, I’ll share more about how we (me and one friend) organize the Fauquier Seed Swap. In the meantime, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers a nice how-to about seed swapping on their website.

Share Your Seed-Swapping Resources

Did I miss a seed swap organization or forum that you’d like to share? If so, please let us know in the comments section. Thanks!

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