Today, the bluebirds returned. I spotted the pair — male and female — in the plum tree out front, near the birdhouse they (or another pair) raised a clutch in last spring.

It was a much-needed reminder for me. I haven’t yet finished prepping the birdhouses for their 2015 tenants. Now is the time. Or, really, a day or two from now is the time — when this snow melts a bit.

Earlier in our countdown to spring, I shared links to a simple DIY birdhouse and a quick tip for protecting them from invasive house sparrows. If you missed those posts before, here they are again:

Any sightings of bluebirds, robins, or other springtime visitors in your garden? Are you hearing birdsong yet? Every day seems to bring a bit more chatter and music to my yard — today I spotted a male cardinal singing his claim from the tip of a tree. Wonderful! A much-needed reminder that spring will come. Eventually.

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