Today was the first day that felt like spring might actually be more than a promise. The sun was bright and warm. The birds were singing. And every neighbor who walked past while I puttered in the garden was smiling.

Snow still lies in heaps and piles along front walks and beside the road and driveway. Where the snow has melted, half-frozen mud soaks up sunlight and warmth. The snowdrops are bursting into bloom, with the daffodils and crocus in hot pursuit.

Soon, the bees will be buzzing.

If you want to tempt more native bees to settle into your garden, now is the time to prepare. The earliest of the native bees will emerge in the coming weeks, taking to the air as spring’s first trees burst to flower. You want to have your native bee homes ready by then.

Here are two blog posts to help get you started:

Native bees are still slumbering, but some bugs are already out and about. I spotted several flies today — many flies are also good pollinators — some sleepy beetles, and a few chilly spiders. Also, many, many birds. What’s stirring in your garden?

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