We’ve nearly made it. Forty days of spring countdown are behind us, and just 10 more to go. Let’s help one another push through these final days of our spring countdown with photos from our gardens and neighborhoods. I’ll start. Here’s how things looked yesterday in the garden, when the sun was shining and the snow-ice-sleet was melting:


Dogwood buds!




Hyacinth bulbs sending up their first shoots.


Snowdrops, of course.




And the witch hazel is still going strong!

* * *

Now it’s your turn. Head on over to the Outlaw Garden Facebook page and share one or more it’s-almost-spring photos from your garden. Or if Twitter is more your thing, share your photos there and just be sure to tag them with #countdowntospring and @outlawgarden.

And for those of you still buried in snow, I hope this’ll give you some hope that the thaw is coming your way. Just a little longer…

Let’s bring a little spring to the interwebs!

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